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Ek Balam, an unforgettable adventure in the realm of the Black Jaguar

The explorations have revealed that Ek Balam, means “Black Jaguar” this important Mayan city is located in the northeastern plateau of the Yucatan Peninsula and was virtually unknown until a few years ago; its architecture is unique in the mayan world.   #ekbalam #mayanruins #mayanpyramid #mayanpalace #mayanculture #mayacivilization #Yucatan #Mexico Fitzmaurice Tours arranges...

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Dzibilchaltun, a jewel in the outskirts of Merida

Very close to the city of Mérida is the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltún, its name means in Maya language “Place where there is writing in the stones”, due to the numerous commemorative tombstones found in the site, also called wakes.   This important city covered about 19 km2 and in it have been found around […]

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Merida scores a goal and wins the match.

By Manuel Holden-Ayala   In this part of the world soccer is king. Thousands of fans stream into stadiums on a regular basis to follow the highs and lows of their team. Merida is no different. The Venados (deer) might be in the second division, but the vibrancy, energy and fans of the team are […]

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Dzom Bacal and X-Baa´tun extreme fun and adventure

If what you are looking for this summer is the adventure, enjoy the outdoors and meet with nature, the incredible cenotes Dzon Bacal and X-Baa’tun are for you … are located 49 kilometers from the city of Mérida, by the Mérida -Muna road; Upon arrival you will see an ad that says: “Aventura Maya Yucatan, […]

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Craft beer makes its mark in Merida at Hermana Republica.

By Manuel Holden-Ayala.   The Hermana Republica restaurant re opened its doors at the end of November 2016 under the ownership of the Patito brewery. This independent brewer offers some of the best craft ales in Yucatan and does so at very reasonable prices.   Hermana Republica Centro ??? A post shared by Alex Mendez […]

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