Noh Mozón

Municipality: Tecoh.
Location: Pixyah.
Geographic coordinates:
Latitude: 20°37’23.9”
Longitude: 89°23’03.1”

Low-impact infrastructure:
Parking area, area for camping and campfires, and starcaise to access the water mirror.

Cenote Noh Mozón


This open type cenote with a 9 meter freefall, has a wooden staircase that makes access to the cenote easier, ending with a platform from which you enter the water.

The water is blueish and its water mirror is 30 meters long by 20 meters wide, with a maximum depth of 45 meters. It is currently used for tourism, swimming, snorkeling and observing. It is one of the main cenotes used for diving. This cenote looks like a natural pool.

It is managed by an ejido group, which provides maintenance to the facilities, charging a small admission fee in return. It is recommended to find the local guide, the use of lifejackets, avoid using sunblock and be careful when descending the stairs.

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How to arrive

This cenote is located 56.5 km away from Merida city, head south on the Acanceh-Tecoh highway towards Telchaquillo police station, then east to the Pixyah police station towards the Sabacché hacienda, on a dirt road in good condition, when going east you’ll find some fences that serve to prevent the cattle from walking freely, after that you’ll arrive to the cenote.

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Cenote location