• Monumento a la patria

    The Homeland

    Symbolizes Lake Texcoco,
    Eternal harmony and tradition
  • Salón de los retratos del palacio

    The Hall of
    Palace Pictures

    Tribute to the memory of
    those ho have honored the homeland
  • Catedral de San Idelfonso

    San Idelfonso

    The oldest on
    continental America

Our White Merida

This city comes with everything to make your visit a unique and unforgettable experience

Merida, capital of Yucatan, contains a vast infrastructure, which enabled it to become the hub of cultural attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula. It has over 5,919 hotel rooms of all categories, venues and exhibition centers, more than 300 restaurants of all kinds and class, and an extensive range of cultural and tourist attractions. It is the starting point for exploring the Mayab routes.

Merida offers several options of culture, history, fun and delicious cuisine. That’s why we recommend starting your visit in the Historic City Center, where you can see many colonial buildings, museums, galleries, theaters, outdoor cafes, bars, traditional clothing, parks, hotels, restaurants with national and international food standards.

The Historic Center is the ideal place to carryout different leisure activities and nightlife every single day.


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Teatro Peon Contreras

Historical Neighborhoods

Stroll through the neighborhoods that experienced Merida grow

Itzimna Neighborhood | Yucatan

Itzimna Neighborhood

Mejorada Neighborhood| Yucatan

Mejorada Neighborhood

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San Cristobal Neighborhood | Yucatan

San Cristobal Neighborhood

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San Juan Neighborhood | Yucatan

San Juan Neighborhood

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Santa Ana Neighborhood | Yucatan

Santa Ana Neighborhood

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San Sebastian Neighborhood | Yucatan

San Sebastian Neighborhood

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Santiago Neighborhood | Yucatan

Santiago Neighborhood

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Santa Lucia Neighborhood | Yucatan

Santa Lucia Neighborhood

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Americas Park | Yucatan

Las Americas Park

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Paseo de Montejo | Yucatan

Paseo de Montejo

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Plaza Principal | Yucatan

Plaza Grande

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Merida always so familiar, always so noble, always so loyal
Mérida en Domingo

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