Travel Guide Yuc … an app that you must have

This time we will present you an application that if you haven´t download it yet, you should; in it you will find the main attractions of Yucatán with photos, virtual tours, information, prices, distances and maps that will be of much help during your visit. Helps you find hotels, restaurants, bars, tour operators, with all the information you need to know about them.

The app Yuc Travel Guide has an audio guide to all the sights, a map with all the attractions marked divided by category and also the option of making your search by name. Includes (and this is very useful) walking distance to tourist attractions from your location, as well as instructions and roadmap for sexy. It also tells you what discounts and promotions in restaurants, bars, cafes and museums are.

Travel Guide Yuc is the winning project of Third Yucatán Entrepreneur Challenge 2014 is an application designed for smartphones and tablets and has been supported by the Ministry of Tourism Promotion of Yucatan as part of a strategy that promotes the use of technological tools to promote our state. It is worth remembering that the website of Tourism Yucatán is among the six best positioned the country and their pages on Facebook Twitter and Instagram are constantly growing.

This app was developed by Alejandro Manero and David Escalante, both graduates of the Marist University, who explained that their project has a quality equivalent to that of any application of this kind in the world; It is agile, user-friendly and is free and is directed not only tourists, but also a tool for living in Yucatan.

We highly recommend downloading this app, you will see that you find super useful if you come to visit, you save time, guide you to the best places, no need internet connection and if you live in Yucatan you’ll be amazed at what you missing to meet.

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