Isla Cerritos … ecotourism and archeology in one place

Located just five miles from the beautiful fishing village of San Felipe, the small Isla Cerritos was enormously important for the Mayan period. 200 meters across the island were covered by buildings during this era, on the site more than 50,000 artifacts have been found.

It is located 500 meters from the coast and 5 kms west of the mouth of the estuary of Rio Lagartos. During its heyday, the Isla Cerritos settlement reached an area of about 3 hectares and could accommodate a few hundred people.
An interesting fact is that Isla Cerritos is mostly artificial !, was created as a chinampa. The northern part is the original, it was a sandy area of 80 m in diameter, on which the surface was extended by wooden poles and landfills to its present size.
The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza developed an extensive maritime trade network that stretched from Costa Rica to the southwestern United States, and whose main port was precisely this small island. Flint Belize, Costa Rica gold or Panama, turquoise New Mexico, United States, obsidian and basalt plateau central Veracruz, are just some of the materials that have been found at this site.
The strategic location of the island allowed the former itzáes maintain hegemony networks of trade and domestic economy of the region. It is estimated that by browsing via canoes, the ancient Maya roamed about 30 km a day. Having failed in their attempt to establish an empire in northern Yucatán, the island and port facilities were abandoned altogether.
Currently, Cerritos Island is uninhabited and has become a haven for lovers of tranquility and contact with nature. So you know, on the north coast of Yucatán, you can find natural beauty and history.

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