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Yucatán, Best Destination of Mexico

This year, Yucatan won the Food and Travel magazine’s Readers Awards as the best destination in Mexico, a distinction that recognizes the Yucatecan tradition of hospitality, as well as the many wonders that we enjoy in this fortunate land, among many other reasons because we have a huge amount of activities and places to visit.

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In Yucatan the Mayan culture is part of daily life, it is in the language, in the people and in the invaluable archaeological heritage of its ancient capitals like the beautiful Mayan city of Uxmal, Unesco Heritage and that will capture your imagination for a long time after your visit. Another excellent option is Chichén Itzá; one of the new wonders of the world.

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Another wonder that you can only find in Yucatán are the cenotes; Natural underground formations of transparent waters that will captivate you with their beauty. Knowing them is a call to adventure, if your thing is to get in touch with nature and discover its wonders, visiting a cenote is something you can not miss. There are many options … beaches, archaeological sites, colonial towns, natural treasures and the many attractions offered by cities such as Mérida or Valladolid …

Best Ecological Hotel in Mexico Xixim Unique Mayan Hotel.

Likewise, the quality of the ecotourism paradise that is Xixim Unique Mayan Hotel was recognized; located in one of the most beautiful corners of the state and the country: the biosphere reserve of Celestún … nesting site of the imposing pink flamingo and where the sea bathes beautiful white sand beaches. The incredible beauty of its surroundings, coupled with excellent service and meticulous care for the environment make Xixim more than worthy of this important prize.

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Restaurant of the Interior of the K’u’uk Republic.

The name K’u’uk comes from the Maya and means “sprout”, very much in keeping with the general concept of the place that is local and sustainable. In K’u’uk the style of cooking is carried out by traditional Mexican and Yucatecan ingredients but, and here is the magic of the place, in new forms and flavors.
K’u’uk reinvents and discovers styles, textures and forms in a “new avant-garde Mexican cuisine”, which combines the best of the ingredients of its garden with new technologies and tools … this brings better smells, tastes and textures, since that without abandoning the traditional ingredients they get new dishes from them … in truth, you will not believe how well presented they are, it is almost a pity to have to eat them of the beautiful that they have left.

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What is perhaps most important of these recognitions is that the winners were selected by voting on the internet of those who know and have visited the state and who have enjoyed the quality and warmth of the tourist services offered by Yucatan, as well as the traditional Yucatecan hospitality and recommend with that same vote excellence in service and attention to the hotels and restaurants they visited.
With these recognitions, Yucatan obtains an important promotion all over the world, and advances in its objective to present its many wonders to more and more people and enjoy a vacation that will undoubtedly be unforgettable … Thanks for your vote!

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