Choco Story… History with chocolate taste

A few minutes from Uxmal is the Museum of Chocolate, known as Choco Story at Uxmal; With a focus that goes to the interactive side, where you are the protagonist of the visit, framed by towering trees and endemic species such as cocoa ceiba, achiote, and balché jabín.

The museum also is a showcase of native plants and wildlife Yucatan; jaguars, spider monkeys and white-tailed deer can be seen during the tour.

The museum guides will show you how chocolate is prepared with one of the oldest recipes, so you can enjoy a freshly brewed drink, mixed with ingredients of your choice. In the room “The Maya and cocoa”, you can approach the relationship of the ancient culture with the fruit as well as issues such as human sacrifices and offerings to the gods.

The walk concludes with “Making chocolate”, which deals with different forms of consumption since pre-Hispanic times to the present. The public can enjoy from roasted beans until mixed drink with sugar, cinnamon or chili. The tour is enriched by the demonstration of a ceremony to Chac, the Rain God, in which pre-Hispanic instruments such as rain stick tunkules and running; at the end of a Sac’be (white road) through the jungle you will find a Mayan altar built by a priest who will be your guide in this ancient ceremony, so the corn can develop and grow.

In the room devoted to “Cocoa” discussed everything related to the cultivation of fruit, from planting, flowering and harvest to fermentation and varieties. In “House and Mayan cuisine,” exhibiting indigenous households own utensils, and “Arrival of chocolate to Europe”, you’ll see an overview of what occurred upon arrival at the Old Continent of this delicious product. Another attraction is the development of ceramic using more than 2000 years old techniques.

Choco Story is located at kilometer 78 of the Mérida-Campeche highway, next to Hotel Hacienda Uxmal. Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm (spring and summer) and 9-8 (fall and winter). Every 45 minutes there are Mayan ceremonies. the costs are $ 120 for adults and $ 90 children, seniors and students.

You can get there from the TAME bus terminal in Mérida (69th Street x 68th and 70th Center) at a cost of $ 50.00 pesos. The transport departure times are: Merida Uxmal 06:00, 09:00, 10:40 12:00, 14:35, 17:00, 18.05 And Uxmal to Merida 10:30, 12:00, 15:30, 17:00, 19:00

More info: Gray Line Yucatan Tel: 01800 719 5465

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