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What to do in Yucatan?

From Mexico with love ♥

By Catherine Poulain “… I want to dance by water beneath the Mexican sky Drink some Margaritas by a string of blue lights … ” That sounded like a famous refrain from last year. Well, I could also realize this little dream: a couple of weeks ago I went to Mexico for the first time […]

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Yucatan, Mexico, my travel diary II

By Laura Comolli DAY 4: CHICHEN ITZA After packing our bags, we left Hacienda Temozón to move to what would be the third and last hotel of this trip. But before that has been for us one of the most intense and interesting days of the whole trip … In which I visited my first […]

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Yucatan of marvels, my mexican dream

By Sophia Salaroli       I can not deny that the mere fact of writing this article once back in Milan has excited me greatly, reliving every moment, I immerse myself in the nature of each place, all the flavors, all the colors of my experience in Yucatan, It was wonderful and this is […]

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