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Come and live a unique experience

By: Silvia Terán Visiting the Great Museum of the Mayan World of Merida is an experience that no Mexican should fail to perform. It is one of the youngest museums in Mexico, with an architecture that reflects great modernity and monumentality. As a worthy Museum of the 21st century, it displays a didactic and interactive […]

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Food & Travel

Yucatán, Best Destination of Mexico This year, Yucatan won the Food and Travel magazine’s Readers Awards as the best destination in Mexico, a distinction that recognizes the Yucatecan tradition of hospitality, as well as the many wonders that we enjoy in this fortunate land, among many other reasons because we have a huge amount of […]

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Wellness Yucatan

Cada vez más personas deciden visitar Yucatán o establecer una segunda residencia, deciden abandonar formas de vida estresantes y vivir sin prisa, tranquilamente en este paraíso , pero ¿Por qué Yucatán?  las personas se cuestionan a sí mismas: ¿Por qué llevo siempre este ritmo de vida? ¿Por qué no puedo tener un breve momento de […]

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Craft beer makes its mark in Merida at Hermana Republica.

By Manuel Holden-Ayala.   The Hermana Republica restaurant re opened its doors at the end of November 2016 under the ownership of the Patito brewery. This independent brewer offers some of the best craft ales in Yucatan and does so at very reasonable prices.   Hermana Republica Centro ??? A post shared by Alex Mendez […]

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11 best places in the world for yucatecan food

Chichén Itzá Restaurant / Los Angeles Whether you are visiting or living in Los Angeles, Chichen Itza is a family restaurant that, despite the distance, maintains the flavor of authentic Yucatecan food.   It is located inside Mercado do Paloma, in the south of the city, and Gilberto Cetina, its chef and owner, uses the […]

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Chilmole, mayan gastronomy at its best

In some municipalities of the Interior of the State it is still customary to cook it underground, its recipe is so ancient and traditional that we could say that it is more Yucatecan than the piglet and although it might seem unattractive because of its black color under a little accustomed look, when trying everything […]

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Yucatecan flavors on the chef Pati Jinich table

If you have not visited Yucatan and you think about our food, there is a good chance you can imagine tacos, burritos, enchiladas and margaritas …   In Merida @DavidCetina1 taught me to make his super delicious Chaya Empanadas! We made them and ate them at his restaurant La Tradición while filming for Season 5 […]

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