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Magical Villages

24 hours in Izamal

10:00 am You take the road from Mérida towards the incredible Magical Town of Izamal, at a relaxed pace you will arrive in about an hour, the distance is only 67 kilometers but it is a trip in time to a unique place … Get ready to be amazed   Una publicación compartida de Emma, […]

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Izamal, the city of the “Dew of Heaven”

Yellow and white are the colors of Izamal; wich is known as “the city of three cultures” because there pre-Hispanic past, the colonial period and the present time are combined. It is located approximately one hour from Merida, and many tour operators included in your tour to Chichen Itza. Izamal is a beautiful colonial town […]

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Casa de los Venados …Mexican art in Valladolid

“In truth dazzles roam the halls and rooms of this wonderful house, with an incredible collection of Mexican folk art of good taste that pays homage to the beauty produced by the various ethnic groups of our nation”: TripAdvisor “The legacy will continue after we are gone … The house, the collection, and a crew […]

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Zamná … A corner for yucatecan gastronomy in Izamal

Izamal is a beautiful town with colonial charm whose history dates back to long before the arrival of the Spaniards and for this architectural richness, hsitórica and culture, among other reasons, so it is one of Mexico’s Magic Towns, distinctive awarded by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism to people who have an important historical or cultural […]

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