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Living in Yucatan

To understand the yucatecan languaje…

When you come to study in Yucatán, there is something important that you should know: The influence of the Mayan language in the speech of the yucatecans is huge and makes the Spanish spoken in Yucatan different from the rest of the Mexican population … has characteristics that make it different; Intonation comes from the […]

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Yucatecan hammocks …. when resting is an art

In Yucatán it is customary to use the hammock to relax during the day to nap or bed during the night; is present in virtually all households. This is because it is fresh and very comfortable; confection it is an art and an essential part of daily life. Una publicación compartida por Taller Maya (@tallermaya) […]

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The 10 yucatecan commandments

Our friends of Matador Network recently published an amusing article about those little things that make us yucatecans; Here we share: 1. Do not accept anyone to speak ill of Yucatan! No one except the yucatecans, of course … Una foto publicada por gwabir (@gwabir) el 3 de Sep de 2014 a la(s) 3:53 PDT […]

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Hanal Pixan… The Day of the Dead in Yucatan

  Related Post: Welcome to Yucatán… A portrait of life in this land   Una foto publicada por Boutique byTheMuseo (@boutiquebythemuseo) el 28 de Oct de 2015 a la(s) 11:07 PDT How to celebrate the Hanal Pixán? The first day, October 31, is the Hanal Palal, the Children’s Day; It is dedicated to the souls […]

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Why Yucatan? 10 reasons to live in paradise

  1.- For its architectural treasures … Yucatan is famous for its colonial architecture, mainly in cities like Izamal, Valladolid, and its capital Mérida, which counts on the second Historical Center in size of the country besides being among the best preserved. #chichenitza #mexico #ruins #mayaruins #playaparaiso #ig_mexico #ig_worldclub #iguanas #vivamexico #yucatanturismo #bestpicture #best_worldplaces #bestviews […]

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Merida scores a goal and wins the match.

By Manuel Holden-Ayala   In this part of the world soccer is king. Thousands of fans stream into stadiums on a regular basis to follow the highs and lows of their team. Merida is no different. The Venados (deer) might be in the second division, but the vibrancy, energy and fans of the team are […]

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