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Living in Yucatan

Hanal Pixan… The Day of the Dead in Yucatan

  Related Post: Welcome to Yucatán… A portrait of life in this land   Una foto publicada por Boutique byTheMuseo (@boutiquebythemuseo) el 28 de Oct de 2015 a la(s) 11:07 PDT How to celebrate the Hanal Pixán? The first day, October 31, is the Hanal Palal, the Children’s Day; It is dedicated to the souls […]

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Why Yucatan? 10 reasons to live in paradise

  1.- For its architectural treasures … Yucatan is famous for its colonial architecture, mainly in cities like Izamal, Valladolid, and its capital Mérida, which counts on the second Historical Center in size of the country besides being among the best preserved. #chichenitza #mexico #ruins #mayaruins #playaparaiso #ig_mexico #ig_worldclub #iguanas #vivamexico #yucatanturismo #bestpicture #best_worldplaces #bestviews […]

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Merida scores a goal and wins the match.

By Manuel Holden-Ayala   In this part of the world soccer is king. Thousands of fans stream into stadiums on a regular basis to follow the highs and lows of their team. Merida is no different. The Venados (deer) might be in the second division, but the vibrancy, energy and fans of the team are […]

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11 fears that only the Yucatecan understand

Not arriving in time for the beers We are terrified that five o’clock on a Sunday and we have not reached to buy some chevas.   Jueves de #HoyQuéSeArma con @e.rod_adventurer ?? A photo posted by OXXO (@tiendasoxxo) on Jul 14, 2016 at 3:49pm PDT   One of our worst nightmares is getting up late […]

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12 things you need to know about Hanal Pixan

1. Hanal Pixán means “food of souls”, in Maya. It is a celebration that takes place in towns and cities of Yucatan, and through which we remember our dead, not in a sad way, but in celebration full of color and delicious food.   Preparándonos para las fiestas de vida y muerte #latteart #baristafrancisco #hanalpixan […]

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16 things you will never hear from a yucatecan

That hammock gave me back pain …   Aprovechar ese ratito libre del día para ponerte al corriente de las noticias desde tu #hamaca como podemos ver en la foto de @quimcalopez que tomó en #Izamal A photo posted by @hammock4life on Dec 22, 2015 at 10:12am PST     Now that’s not with habanero! […]

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