24 hours in Izamal

10:00 am

You take the road from Mérida towards the incredible Magical Town of Izamal, at a relaxed pace you will arrive in about an hour, the distance is only 67 kilometers but it is a trip in time to a unique place … Get ready to be amazed


11:00 am

You arrive in Izamal and discover that all the houses and buildings are painted yellow … and to think that this is only the first of many surprises that this incredible Magical Town has for you!


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You go to the atrium, it was built on top of the old pyramid of Pap-Hol-Chac … Its 75 arches form an impressive corridor that encloses an esplanade of 7,806 square meters, it is the second largest in the world


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Discover Kinich Kakmol … One of the most amazing things in Izamal is that just crossing the street you travel from one era to another and you find a huge pyramid that you can climb … Do not miss the opportunity!



Probably the weather is hot … that’s why you decide to take shelter from the sun and at the same time explore the Izamal crafts museum … you’ll see what incredible photos come out of this visit.


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It’s time to eat and the good news is that Izamal is famous for its gastronomy … the options are many and delicious, one example is the famous Restaurant Kinich, or Rinconada del Convento, (where you can also stay) with its peaceful gardens and spectacular view



Once you have tried the best of Yucatecan cuisine, do not forget to leave a space for two must-haves of your visit to Izamal: Pitahaya water and Los Arcos empanadas, located next to the atrium … it’s time to relax and watch the time pass in the heart of Izamal


Get lost in the streets, discover amazing spots, hire a buggy and enjoy being in a town that has been alive since before the conquest and whose richness will leave you speechless; you probably will want to photograph everything



The best thing about Izamal is its people, friendly and talkative … eat a little bread here the custom is to buy the bread, “Queso de Bola” and the ingredients so that you can prepare your own snack; If you’re not very hungry, you can just sit down and listen to the village’s anecdotes … It will be fun


You walk and you find a light and sound show that explains the history and traditions of the place, illuminating its streets and facades … do not miss the “Light of the Mayans”



Although it is a small town, Izamal does not sleep as early as you might think: take a walk, have fun, have a drink or a beer and live the bohemian Izamaleño style …



The time to go to bed is approaching and you can not help but take advantage of the fact that some of the most incredible places to stay in the whole peninsula are in this Magical Town … You can swim, enjoy the peaceful night and relax from one of the most amazing days in your visit to Yucatan.


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