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Hanal Pixan… The Day of the Dead in Yucatan

  Related Post: Welcome to Yucatán… A portrait of life in this land   Una foto publicada por Boutique byTheMuseo (@boutiquebythemuseo) el 28 de Oct de 2015 a la(s) 11:07 PDT How to celebrate the Hanal Pixán? The first day, October 31, is the Hanal Palal, the Children’s Day; It is dedicated to the souls […]

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24th Annual FCCA Cruise and Trade Fair Conference

  The FCCA is a non-profit commercial organization comprised of 18 cruise lines operating between all more than one hundred vessels in Florida waters, the Caribbean and Latin American waters. Created in 1972, the aim of the FCCA is to provide a forum for debate on the development of tourism, ports, security to make the […]

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Why Yucatan? 10 reasons to live in paradise

  1.- For its architectural treasures … Yucatan is famous for its colonial architecture, mainly in cities like Izamal, Valladolid, and its capital Mérida, which counts on the second Historical Center in size of the country besides being among the best preserved. #chichenitza #mexico #ruins #mayaruins #playaparaiso #ig_mexico #ig_worldclub #iguanas #vivamexico #yucatanturismo...

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Four beaches to which the Yucatecans went this summer

The Yucatecans passionately love the sea … and how would it not be like this if we have hundreds of miles of beaches, mangroves and an emerald green sea where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea? … Every summer we love to go to Spend the day, to camp or to spend long, […]

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Reasons why yucatecans love El Corchito

  Considered one of the most important ecological reserves of the coast, El Corchito is ideal for nature lovers and those who prefer quiet places. It is located in the swamp, so it is possible to observe a wide variety of plants and birds, including flamingos and gulls; you can also swim in the springs […]

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